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Anthropic Trilogy
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Note: My Anthropic Trilogy web-book, evolving since 1997, is a chronicle of my passing all considered opinion through the lens of my Nirvikalpa Samadhi with both an open-mind and healthy skepticism.

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About Maya Gaia

The Maya Gaia website (begun in 1997) is a chronicle of my efforts to integrate a spontaneous transcendent experience which I had back in 1970. At the time, I was almost completely naive regarding the metaphysics of mystical, spiritual, or paranormal phenomena of any kind but the experience started my search for explanation that is still ongoing. The original Maya Gaia pages present what insights my transcendent experience inspired and in subsequent content added since 2006- tentative concepts about its reality as an ultimate Nirvikalpa Samadhi. My research will appeal to those who have an open-minded yet healthy skepticism and is based on an examination of Vedanta, Buddhist and Tao traditions and new science and integral transpersonal theories accessed via the accelerating expansion of the universe of information on the Internet from which I've selected resources to serve as my personal library. The result is a model of reality conformed to my samadhi revelations that is somewhat out of alignment with- or has features that go beyond- the epistemology of virtually all paradigms. -ed fisher

Sitemap for Maya-Gaia pages at meta-gaia.angelfire.com

Big Bang Inflation A diagram of the history of the universe. Once upon a timeless, most cosmologists believe, all that is our universe was incredibly small and dense. Neither space nor time as we know then existed. Nothing is known of this earliest instant. Scientists use the term big bang to describe this moment of creation. Somehow the universe - all matter, energy, space, and time - exploded from the original singularity.
Chakra for Online Meditation based on A Gentle Guide to Kundalini by John Selby with post-experience reservations and warning.
Denisovan Radiation Exploring the possibility that Luzia, (name given to the 11 KYO fossil remains of a female Homo sapiens with anomolous facial features found in a cave in Lagoa Santa, Brazil) may represent the original amerindians with ancestry that links back to paleolithic austro-melanesians whose archaic Homo sapiens relatives interbred with Denisova hominin in S.E. Asia over 50 KYA.
Distinguishing Numinous Vs Psychic Classifying transpersonal events either as transnuminous- part of the numinous transcendent continuum culminating in Nirvikalpa Samadhi or as intrapsychic or psychic projections- a diverse body of inexplicable epiphenomena the occult has codified in mythic maths based on pure fantasy.
Ediacaran Index Pictorial index to species of Precambrium Ediacaran lifeforms illustrated in the Evolution-Involution Slideshow.
Enigmatic Synchronicity Contemplating my chancing on a rare, blue-green feather and the existential synchronicity relating to my lifetime and the anthropic universe.
Gaia- Cosmic Birth A graphic illustration of Gaia as immanent creation of a transcendent singularity.
Genographic Image Map Genographic map presenting migration patterns of the African diaspora of prehistoric Homo sapiens sapiens (behaviorally modern humans) starting 50 thousand years ago, with photo albums of modern descendants of the earliest populations.
Human Family Tree National Geographic DVD documents the results of sampling - on a single day on a single street, in a racially diverse neighborhood in Queens, NY - the DNA of just a couple of hundred random people to create a live, dynamic genographic map of their ancestry back to their shared African origins. Excerpts highlight the immediate plight of the Hadzabe - likely descendants of the prehistoric population who actually left Africa and are ancestors of every human living on the planet today.
Map- Marriage Legal Age World map showing legal age for marriage in reference
to article Godhead Experience
Rise of Mammals 1 Legend 1 to PETM image
Rise of Mammals 2 Legend 2 to PETM image
Ten Bulls Parable A Classical Buddhist pictorial representing the stages in a progression to enlightenment.

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